Marcin Pączkowski

Marcin Pączkowski (b. 1983 in Kraków, Poland) is a composer, conductor, and performer, working with traditional and electronic media. He received his Masters’ degrees from the Academy of Music in Kraków, Poland, where he studied with Wojciech Widłak (composition) and Rafał Delekta (conducting), and from University of Washington in Seattle, Washington, where he studied composition and computer music with Juan Pampin and Richard Karpen. Currently he is a doctoral student in the Center for Digital Arts And Experimental Media (DXARTS), where he studies with Juan Pampin.

His current research is focused on exploring ways of engaging computer media in improvisation, as well as motion tracking and machine learning techniques used for creating and controlling musical structures.

As the conductor and performer he is involved in performances of new music. His compositions were performed on many composers workshops and concerts in Poland and United States. In 2010 he was awarded 2nd prize in the 18th edition of Adam Didur all-Polish Composers’ Competition. During 2006-2007 he was a recipient of the scholarship for artistic achievement from Lesser Poland Scholarship Foundation Sapere Auso.

Still, Early (2011) (excerpt)