Yiğit Kolat’s “Tülbend” selected in Nieuw Ensemble’s Turkish Composers’ Competition

The Nieuw Ensemble will premier a new work by Yiğit Kolat as part of the Turkey Now! 2012 Festival celebrating 400 years of cultural exchange between The Netherlands and Turkey. The Nieuw Ensemble is one of the most progressive and well-respected ensembles in the world.

Founded in 1980 in Amsterdam, the ensemble has a unique instrumental structure, using plucked instruments such as mandolin, guitar and harp in combination with wind, string and percussion. Ed Spanjaard has been the principal conductor since 1982. The lack of literature for this group makes it as dependent upon composers, as composers have always been upon musicians. The Nieuw Ensemble has thus set out to build its own repertoire, encouraged by continuous contact with composers from different cultures, countries and generations, and long-term workshops for young composers. More than five hundred pieces have been written for the ensemble.

For more information: http://www.nieuw-ensemble.nl/nl/fs/1_1.html?ih_frame=/nl/p_inhoud/home.html

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