May 12, 2012: IMPfest IV presents Vu/Karpen Project

IMPfest IV presents Vu/Karpen Project

May 12, 2012 – 7:30 pm

Hughes Penthouse Theatre, The University of Washington

Suggested donation only.

The Vu-Karpen Project is a highly experimental ensemble, formed to explore and invent new methods of creating works of complex, instinctive, and dramatic new music. The project, which also includes live computer interaction, seeks to make some important discoveries while developing an exciting concert-length work built on the foundations and traditions of Jazz and Western Classical Art Music. The project is led by two University of Washington School of Music faculty, both internationally renowned for their innovative music making: Cuong Vu, a trail-blazing Jazz trumpeter/band leader/composer, and Richard Karpen, a leading composer and computer music pioneer who also plays piano in the ensemble. The Project also includes Ted Poor on drums and Luke Bergman on electric bass. Ted Poor is rapidly becoming widely admired and sought after internationally for his powerful, virtuosic, and intellectually intense drumming. Luke Bergman is a rising star in the Jazz scene and a graduate of the UW Jazz Studies Program.

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