Help Abby Aresty fund her Washington Park Arboretum installation

Abby Aresty  is creating a sound installation in Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum entitled “Paths II: The Music of Tree.” It is a series of sound installations that explore the layers and permutations of acoustic space in seven sites throughout the Arboretum.  It will be set up in Seattle’s Washington Park Arboretum for six weeks in Fall 2012.  Each installation creates a sonic dialogue with its acoustic and physical space. The striking physical forms of the trees and plants, as well as their relationship to the surrounding environments, inspire the specific modes of interactive listening; this in turn inspires the qualities and types of sonic environments investigated in each space.

To learn more about Abby’s installation and to help fund her project, please visit her Kickstarter webpage:

Abby needs to reach her goal by 12:24pm EST on February 14, 2012. Please consider being a part of this amazing project!

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